Garfield: Caught In the Act

Welcome to my Garfield: Caught In the Act page. In here there will be passwords, Game Genie codes and link to other Garfield:Caught In the Act sites. 


Will take you to:

level 3: Irma, Garfield, Odie

level 4: John, Pooky, Arlene

level 5: Irma, Pooky, Garfield

level 6: Odie, Odie, Arlene 

Game Genie Codes


1. A02A-EAD4 Start with 5 shots

2. KRDA-EAD4 Start with 50 shots

3. NR2A-EAD4 Start with 99 shots

4. RHCA-E6Y2 + RHCA-E6Y4 Infinite ammo when standing

5. AA6A-CAGY + AA6A-CAHA Can't collect any ammo

6. RHYT-E61T + RHYT-E61W Infinite lives

7. AA5A-CAD4 Can't collect any energy

8. ADZT-RGZA + RGZA-A6YJ + RGZA-A6YL Don't loose energy


9. AG2A-EADC Start with very little energy

10. A02A-EADC Star with 1/2 energy

11. BC2A-EADC Start with about 3/4 energy

12. RHDT-A6T8 + RHDT-A6VA 1 hit and you're invincible

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